Dermefface FX7 seems to get lot of attention lately, but does it really work?

dermefface-fx7We believe that this Dermefface FX7 review is one of the most objective reviews you might find on internet. It is truly hard to evaluate one scar removal cream objectively since each company try to make their best effort to attract your attention by having “fancy”, “miraculous” and “glamour” claims and images about how good their scar cream could work. We had tried our best to ignored all those things and investigate the main essence of Dermefface FX7.

So is Dermefface FX7 the best scar removal cream? We can’t say it yet since we need to know the answer to the most important question, “DOES IT WORK?”. Simple question but hard to answer.

This article might be quite long but we hope you read it till the end since we will cover important aspect you should know before you decide to buy or not to buy this scar removal cream.

Does Dermefface FX7 Scar Removal Cream really work?

Dermefface FX7 Customer reviews

The first and might be the strongest proof to answer this question will be form the real Dermefface FX7 users itself. But with this kind nature of product you cannot just believe what people say. Let’s say you find one scar removal cream product and you are checking their official website and you find “testimonial” page where there are several customer stating how well the cream has working for them. It might be true but “don’t trust it with your whole heart”. We have found many fake testimonials made by the company itself.

How about Dermefface FX7 official website? We only found 1 customer reviews which is made by Lisa D’Amato who is Americans Next Top Model winner. She had an accident which cause some serious and noticeable injury on her face. Take a look at the photo we found of her face after the surgery.


What she said about Dermefface FX7? Here is her statement we found from the official website.

” A devastating accident nearly ended my career but with the help of Dermefface FX7 I’m back acting and modeling”

” A couple weeks after starting to use Dermefface FX7 I noticed redness was starting to fade and my nose surgery scars seemed to heal much faster”

At first we thought this was one of the promotional strategy to use some actress or models to use the product and tell the publish that it does work. We wouldn’t believe her if she “just saying” the cream work. But it seems there are some real evidence. Read the next paragraph.

What is more powerful than “customer reviews”?

It is customers before after photo. A before after photo is one of the most important criteria for us to determine does a scar removal cream work or not. Would you also have more faith and confidence using some product which you had “seen” to work for other people. Dermefface FX7 official website does provide you with several before after photos from the users who had scars in different levels. We have gathered the photos bellow. 2 photos looks the most convincing for us. The first one is the photo of Lisa D’Amato and the second one is the photo of Ron H from Seattle Washington.



You can see the rest of before after photos on he official website here.

Most of scar removal cream doesn’t have authentic before after photos of their users. This is our first reason to believe Dermefface FX7 have a big chance to work.

Dermefface FX7 Scar Removal Cream Ingredients – What are they and how they work?

Now let’s investigate what is Dermefface FX7 using to create the formula. Honestly we will not start to explain deeply of each ingredients in this page. We will only the 7 active ingredients since these are the most vital elements to take a look. What about the other ingredients? Most of them are natural moisturizers and antioxidant which also plays important role to take care of your skin surface before and after scar fading and removing process is ongoing.

We need to state one important point before taking a look at the Active Ingredient. Interestingly, each of this 7 ingredients has been clinically proven to do their particular “job” on treating scars. Most of scar removal cream “have not” done any kind of clinical study regarding the ingredients.

So here they are, the 7 active ingredients.

1. Symglucan (10.00%)

By applying SymGlucan twice a day for less than 2 months (56 days or 8 weeks) the result was :

  • Reduce deep wrinkles by 17%
  • Reduce all wrinkles by 14%
  • Reduce wrinkle peaks by 7%
  • Improve skin roughness by 17%
  1. Pentavitin (5.00%)

This ingredients is taken from natural plants and it works to bind and keep the moisture of your skin. After 2 weeks using the element the result was

  • An Instant and long-lasting skin hydration
  • A stronger skin barrier function
  • A 50% improvement in skin smoothness
  • A 50% reduction in flakiness and itching
  1. DI-Panthenol (5.0%)

provitamin-bMost people recognize this ingredient with other name which is Provitamin B5. The job of this ingredinets is to speed up healing of superficial wounds and the stimulate the regrowth of skin. Does it work? In 1987 a specific studey where the object used 5% concentration of Panthenol was able to speed up the wound healing process by 30%. It is a vital element to heal scars.

  1. Vitalayer (3.0%)

Vervain-for-scar-removalIt is taken from a very rich peptides plants which is Vervain. A trial done for 25 woman volunteers with average age of 60 for 8 weeks. Each of them has to apply 3% concentration of this ingredient twice a day for 8 weeks. What were the result?

  • 88% saw an improvement in the appearance of their wrinkles
  • 76% saw an improvement in their skin health and moisture
  • Increase collagen I production by 394%
  • Increase collagen III production by 1257%
  • Increase hyaluronic acid production by 76%
  1. Pro-Coll-One+ (2.00%)

This might be the second vital ingredients. The main task of it is to boost collagen which plays an important role to keep skin firmness, strength, elasticity, and flexibility. Pro-Coll-One+ was able to boost the collagen I by 1190%.

Almost 80% of volunteers who used this ingredients saw an increase in skin smoothness.

  1. Niacinamide (2.0%)

Scars will cause hyperpigmentation around the skin. A scar removal cream which contains Niacinamide is effectively proven to reduce the hyperpigmentation and increase the skin lightness only in 4 weeks.

After 56 days application of 5% of this ingredient, Almost 90% participants has stated the see a noticeable or other say significant decreases in hyperpigmentation.

  1. Allantoin (.5%)

This is a very well know ingredients used for many years to heal wounds and scars. It is proven to help regeneration of skin cells in a very effective way. One of the key to fade and erase scars is to replace the “scar damaged cells” with ” a brand new undamaged cells”. This is where this ingredeints comes to work like a charm.

So those was our short review about Dermefface FX7 active ingredients. It is hard to deny that the combination of those ingredients will bring a powerful and potent yet safe formula to fade and erase scars.

Other Proves that Dermefface FX7 should work?

Dermefface FX Doctor recommendation. Each time we want to review a scar removal cream, we always search for doctors recommendation. Yet is not the main factor to decide does a scar cream work or not but it is something you can’t just ignore. There is a reason why a doctor would recommend a product. A doctor have a “name” and reputation to protect, for sure they would not recommend “ANY” product.

Dermefface FX7 scar removal cream has been recommended by one Doctor. He is DR. Dave David, MD. He is a cosmetic surgeon which makes him have to face many scars from the customers. What he says about DermeffaceFX7? See it bellow.


You can watch and read the complete article about what Dr. Dave says on the official website HERE.

Note: Most of scar removal cream in the market weren’t recommended by any doctor or cosmetic surgeon. So from our point of view Dermefface FX7 have done a great breakthrough.

What if Dermefface FX7 DOES NOT work at all for you?

dermefface fx7 money back guaranteeHere is the worst case. You buy Dermefface FX7, you use it, and you didn’t see any changes. What now? Fortunately the company are fair enough to provide you with 90 days money back guarantee. It means you will get your money back or refunded after using this scar cream for 90 days and you are not satisfied. Remember to send the empty boxes within 97 days.

Is this guarantee for real or just a scam? Well we think it’s real. Why? Most scar cream manufacturer companies do provide you with money back guarantee. But the weird thing is they don’t provide an address and a phone number. So how you could contact them and where to send the empty boxes? Nowhere, that is where you lost your money and we a confident to call those companies as a scammers.

Dermefface FX7 does provide you a real address of the company and a phone number. So you should not have any issues to contact them in case you need a refund. Here is the address :

Leading Edge Health
c/o 129 Roweland Drive
Johnson City, TN
United States of America

Phone Number :

North America Toll Free : 1-866-621-6886
International : 1-604-677-5365
Web Promo Code : 178702
Between 6:00am and 10:00pm Pacific Time

What else should you know about this scar cream?

Well actually we had stated all the points we think were important for you to know before purchasing this scar cream. Customer reviews, customer before after photos, the ingredients, money back guarantee, and doctor recommendation were covered.

A little additional note about Scar Removal Cream and Dermefface FX7 reviews

We have done more research on how effectively Dermefface FX7 works. We have found some customer from other sites stating that this scar removal cream have not working for them. We are sure the testimonial is given by a real user. What are the chances? First possibility is that Dermefface FX7 simple doesn’t work for this customer. In this case you could ask for a refund.

But we think there are another possibility. What it is?

First. We saw several people who claims that this cream doesn’t work had only used it for less than 1 month. In fact the company recommend you to use it at least 3 months to see a noticeable result. You must remember that fading and erasing scars is not an instant process. It do takes time. So if you are willing to go through that time there is a big chance this cream will work.

The second thing you must know is that the scar age does matter. The older the scar is the longer you need to reduce, to fade, and to erase it. Let’s say you have a scar from an accident which happened 10 years ago. It is not logical to think you can fade it in only 1 month with Dermefface FX7. Try it for 3-6 month than you can see the real result.

For the last thing we have a small reminder for you. We do recommend Dermefface FX7 as our top pick scar removal cream, but we would recommend you to treat your scar ASAP. We mean once the wound of the scar had recovered, try to not waste more time, start the treatment immediately. Why? The sooner you start to use Dermefface FX7 on your scars the better and faster result you will get. Do not let your scar stiffen for many years unless you don’t mind to have them.

Where to buy Dermefface FX7 and what is the price?

We only recommend you to buy Dermefface FX7 from it official website. By doing so you will get the cheapest price since there were no middle men, you will also get the real product not some fake imitation, and you will be able to get refund in case you are not satisfied.

Caution: By purchasing this cream from other stores besides the official store will cause you in trouble claiming refund.

Please take a look of the price list. It is the price list we got from the official website.

Click here to buy this product from the secured official website